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[StrongED] Re: StrongED 4.70a13 available

On 14 Oct in article <4c29d44657.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>,
   Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message <574661f22elist01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Martin <list01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > I would suggest that because it is normal for most apps to just
> > drag new over old,

> I've never really liked that way of updating applications. Largely
> for 2 reasons:

>  - It forces authors to keep the internal structure of an
>    application the same.

It is easy to arrange for an Obey file or program to run when an
application is first run after an update, which can delete any files
or directories that are now redundant - and then even delete itself.
This is certainly used by both Organizer and Pluto updates.  


> > to avoid SE problems the process should be included in all SE
> > releases?

> Until now I'd always assumed that users who run test releases know
> what they are doing. 

Sorry - some of us are recent converts!

Martin Avison      using a British Iyonix running RISC OS 5 
                   and the Pluto mail and newsreader

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