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[StrongED] Lazy me

On Sun 14 Oct, Fred Graute wrote:
> In message <574661f22elist01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Thanks Fred - I had a vague feeling that was the case.
> > I would suggest that because it is normal for most apps to just drag
> > new over old,
> I've never really liked that way of updating applications. Largely for 2
> reasons:
>  - It forces authors to keep the internal structure of an application
>    the same. Maybe not a problem for small apps but for more complex
>    applications it usually is. I note that Zap's !Help file also warns
>    not to copy new over old.
>  - It can lead to user laziness,

I think anyone like to be lazy, meaning not want to do things that are
more complicated than necessary. I am :-)
That also refer for one who made a program, but if you want "sell"
things to others, that wil be more easy and is clever if you recognise
with the laziness of "buyers".

> they just drag new over old without reading the instructions.

Of course! That wil by the easy way :-)

> This may cause issues which frustrate the user and possible also the
> author who has to deal with requests for support - resulting from the
> user not reading the instructions.

So (I'm not a programmer but I think I can think logical) it should by
handy when a program is made in a way that you can just drag new over
old without corrupting "Choices" and things like that.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Gerard van Katwijk,
a.b. zeilklipper "Mentor"

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