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[StrongED] Re: StrongED 4.70a13 available

In article <901a874657.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dave Symes  wrote on 13 Oct:
> > What about specific setting that someone has laboured to get just
> > right, Colours, window sizes, yadayada... What happens to all those
> > things when you throw away one version and completely replace it with
> > a newer one?

> Just like other RiscOS apps, your settings stay in Choices.  If you 
> have customized any of the default Modes, your copy remains in 
> Choices.

> Jim Nagel                   

Thanks for the thought.  :-)

I was running SE 4.70a12 (Now renamed)
Dropped in SE 4.70a13

Collected required Modes from online Modes repository, dropped them on to
the 4.70a13

It works okay, and I still have the configs I fought and wrought as I

I assume you mean "...like other RiscOS apps, your settings stay in
Choices." being ...!Boot.Choices.Users.Single.!StrED_cfg? (RISC OS 6.20)

What about the !StrED_cfg in the downloaded archive for SE 4.70a13 do I
need to use that to replace the existing one in



Dave Triffid

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