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[StrongED] StrongED 4.70a13 available

Hi All,

The thirteenth alpha release of StrongED 4.70 can found on the website:

This release brings further Dump mode changes and introduces Snippets as
an extension of the Shortcuts functionality.

Please give 4.70a13 a try so that issues can be found and fixed.


Changes in StrongED 4.70a13

Bugs fixed

 - Opening a mode for the first time that was configured to use an
   outline font would cause an abort.

 - The Refresh dialogue would show a different time for the on-disc copy
   compared to the unchanged loaded copy when the file was untyped.

 - Fix detection of BASIC files to avoid untyped files being mistaken
   for BASIC files.

 - Undoing a text move using the Toolbar when SE didn't have input focus
   caused an abort.

 - Fix clipboard problem with vncserve where SE would bluntly close
   menus even when it was owned by another application.


 - The Shortcuts have been extended with a new escape sequence '\*',
   like '\@' it defines an 'at-mark' (cursor position).

   The difference with '\@' is that when a position indicated by '\*' is
   reached the text at that location is highlighted and when new text is
   entered the highlighted text is removed.

   For example a shortcut ``fr might have the following definition:

     ``fr   Window.ForceRedraw(\*object,\*minx,\*miny,\*maxx,\*maxy)

    will be expanded to:


   The cursor will be placed at the start of 'object', with 'object'
   being highlighted. When new text is typed, 'object' will be replaced
   by the new text.

   The Tab (or Return) key is used to move to the next cursor position,
   in this case 'minx', which is highlighted ready for substitution.

   Using '\*' allows easy insertion of templates where a default/hint is
   given that can be easily replaced. This goes one step towards what
   other editors call Snippets or Insertion templates.

 - Don't insert a newline when cursor is on last at-mark and Return is
   pressed, move to end of inserted snippet instead.

 - Added ability to move to previous at-mark using s-Tab or s-Return.

 - Syntax colouring added for inserted snippets so it's easier to see if
   the cursor is still inside one. Also the tab field on the Infobar
   will show 'Snippet' in red when a snippet is 'live'.

Dump mode

 - The Dump section in Mode Choices has been removed in favour of a new
   separate dialogue box, which has been tied to a new Toolbar icon.

   The dialogue box differs from the Mode Choices section in that some
   options have been removed and a few new ones added:

    o Removed: Options to decide display type
    o Removed: Options to set wrapwidth

    o Added: Use APCS names (requires RO 5.24+)
    o Added: Alternative names (requires RO 5.24+)
    o Added: Comment free disassembly

 - Dump mode now accepts debug image files (filetype: DebImage, &FD3).
   They are essentially AIF files with extra debug code.


 - The AsmCompile tool that is used to assemble instruction in Dump mode
   has had a couple of tweaks.

   o Make sure the system variables for the BASICTxt filetype (&FD1) are
     set up as it's not set up by the OS.

   o Convert first 3 chars of mnemonic to upper case before testing for
     "SWI" so that it works no matter how "SWI" is written case-wise.

Embedded options

 - The number of options that can be embedded in a text has been greatly
   increased; in principle all options that are set in the choices file
   can be embedded.

   The syntax is: StrongED$<option name> = <value>
   Where <option name> is the same as the key in the choices file.
   Eg to set line numbers to logical: StrongED$Linenos_Type = Logical

   Caveat, some options can only be set at mode level so will affect
   other texts in the same mode too, as well as new texts in that mode.


 - When there a click in the bitmap font menu over a WxH item, the WxH
   string was taken as the font name. This resulted in a warning as the
   Regular style could not be found.

   This was changed so that a click on a WxH item selects the first font
   from the attached submenu.


 - A new function RecallMacro has been added that allows quick recall of
   recorded macros. The function has been tied to c-1 through to c-9
   (macros are recorded with s-F9 and assigned with c-F9).

IA help

 - The interactive help had gotten out of sync and would in some cases
   display an incorrect help message.

Included modes

 - BaseMode

   o Extended main KeyList with c-1 to c-9 to recall macros

 - Dump

   o Replaced 'back to BaseMode' icon with icon for options dbox.
     Select opens dbox, Adjust switches to BaseMode. Other clicks
     control various options, see IA help.

   o Split keyboard shortcuts for display types and options into 2
     groups; c-D,c-x for display type and c-O,c-x for options.

 - TaskWindow

   o Added SDFS and FatFs32 to list of known filing systems

 - AppBasic

   o c-Space now open autocompletions window, cs-Space runs Complete

   o Complete add-on now inserts function prototypes as a snippet rather
     than a plain string.

 - AppLua

   o New mode based on AppBasic but for use with !AppLua.

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