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Re: [StrongED] Rescan

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Can Rescan dir -> Modes be triggered from an Obey file?
> I'm still playing with getting a URL launching, trying to get working 
> Fred's posting on thread "URL recognition" of Tue 12 Jun 18 21:55 - you
> can recall this with an email To:
> StrongED+get-2954@xxxxxxxxxxx
> But I have already changed my BaseMode file, so I want to be able to swap
> between copies and do a rescan from the same Obey file if possible.

You can force a rescan from an Obey file by using:

  Message StrongED_ExecCmds RescanModes()

However this only works if there is a StrongED view that has the input
focus. The problem here is that recent versions of RISC OS 5 support
keyboard shortcuts in the Filer.

Because of this, as soon as you click in a Filer window it will gain the
input focus and hence StrongED loses it and the command(s) sent to it
from the Obey file will be ignored.

If you can find a way to execute the Obey file from the keyboard (eg
Configure -> Keyboard) or a menu (eg StrongMen) then it will work.


StrongED Developer

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