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[StrongED] Manual - text colouring

Before continuing with the Syntax colouring sections of
http://stronged.torrens.org/man/modes/syntaxmodefile.html I though it
prudent to write up a description of StrongED's text colouring system.

I see this has changed drastically between 4.69 and 4.70! In particular
many more elements can have their colours changed via the Mode's Choices
dbox. Previously these colours could only be changed via the ColoursStd
file, which I doubt ever gets done.

But two question for Fred: do you foresee any situation where the new 32
groups may be useful? None of the available modes actually use more than
12 groups!

Second question: in 4.69 there is a ColoursAlt file. I can't see how this
can be activated other than by renaming it?

Although the ability to have almost everything in different colours seems
nice - too many different colours and styles could get awfully confusing!

Has anyone got any suggestions for colours?

Richard Torrens.
http://www.Torrens.org for genealogy, natural history, wild food, walks, cats
and more!

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