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Re: [StrongED] Re: sending PHP file to browser

On 15/08/2018 23:35, Tim Hill wrote:
In article <98b8c20d-b256-c5bc-c68b-1bf0efc58832@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
    Vince M Hudd <atdotcodotuk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Doesn't that cause problems with internal links?

No, as I always use relative links or sometimes the PHP works out where
it is running and sets a base path accordingly. Here's one example of the

	$dirname = dirname(__FILE__);
	if ( substr($dirname,1,7) == "freeola" ) {
         $base = "http://youngtheatre.co.uk/archive/";;
	} else {
	$base ="http://dev.timil.com/yt.co.uk/archive/";;
         print("<base href=\"$base\" target=\"_top\">\n");

That's an ugly hack to get around the fact that you haven't set your web server up correctly. :p


For example, on my sites (those for which I don't use a CMS) I tend to
put the CSS file(s) in a top level directory called skin. I link to
them from every page as /skin/file.css - but if I did something like
the above for the local copy, it would be looking in Web_Sites.skin
instead of Web_Sites.softrock.skin

"/" is not a relative file reference! Bad boy! ;-)

Making links relative to the file that contains them can be messy. Starting a link with a / makes it relative to the top level of the site, and is a perfectly good - and indeed sensible - way to reach resources found in a fixed location within the site.

Vince M Hudd
Soft Rock Software - www.softrock.co.uk
RISCOSitory        - www.riscository.com

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