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Re: [StrongED] Re: sending PHP file to browser

On 15/08/18 15:52, Tim Hill wrote:
In article <538a0009-169d-5447-d613-da3adaa7599a@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
    Vince M Hudd <atdotcodotuk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[Setting up virtual servers in WebJames for multiple local sites]

You don't need multiple virtual servers.

I do that with the file layout. This is not hard and needs no messing
about in hyperspace with webjames. Here are the first four (directories)
websites. Webjames has no idea. It simply serves everything in


Doesn't that cause problems with internal links?

For example, on my sites (those for which I don't use a CMS) I tend to put the CSS file(s) in a top level directory called skin. I link to them from every page as /skin/file.css - but if I did something like the above for the local copy, it would be looking in Web_Sites.skin instead of Web_Sites.softrock.skin

Virtual Servers strikes me as the only sensible way to do this - and I don't remember it being particularly difficult to set up. The only reason I don't still do it is (last I was aware - and I may be out of date) WebJames doesn't work on modern kit.

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