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[StrongED] Re: sending PHP file to browser

In article <538a0009-169d-5447-d613-da3adaa7599a@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Vince M Hudd <atdotcodotuk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There's a better way to do that, you know. I haven't used WebJames in a 
> long time, but I know from when I did that it allows you to set up 
> multiple virtual servers - so you can serve up your local copy of more 
> than one website simultaneously, instead of having to 'choose' the one 
> you want it to serve.

You don't need multiple virtual servers.

I do that with the file layout. This is not hard and needs no messing
about in hyperspace with webjames. Here are the first four (directories)
websites. Webjames has no idea. It simply serves everything in


Naturally, Sitematch can be set up with lots of different sites in
different folders being uploaded to different hosting ISPs.


Tim Hill

timil.com : tjrh.eu : butterwick.eu : blue-bike.uk : youngtheatre.co.uk

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