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Re: [StrongED] Suggestion for copy drag'n drop + correction for late SHIFT key press

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          Xavier Louis Tardy <xltardy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all. In BasASM mode, I have noticed that once some text is
> selected, it is possible to move it elsewhere with the left mouse
> button, drag'n drop style, which is great. But if you want to copy the
> selected text, you need to keep the SHIFT key pressed.

You need to use Shift to copy the selection within the SAME text. If you
move the selection to another text then plain DnD copies and a Shift-DnD
moves, ie the meaning of the Shift key is reversed.

This is behaviour is described in Acorn's application note 241.

> Could it be possible to use the right mouse button to do exactly that
> (copy function) additionally ? Both operations would be 100% mouse
> driven, that would be convenient.

It would be possible but the question is whether it is desirable. The
use of the Adjust button when there is a selection is well established.
An Adjust click/drag should alter the current selection.

> Also, I have noticed that if you have started to drag the selected
> text and then press SHIFT, !SE doesn't recognise the SHIFT key being
> pressed and operates the
>  move function (and not the copy function as one might expect).
> Maybe the !SE code should check if SHIFT is being pressed when the
> left mouse button is released, and not only at the beginning when the
> left mouse button is pressed ?

This too has already been laid down.

Perhaps an option should be created either to invert the meaning of the
Shift key or for late detection of the Shift key.

> Thanks again for !SE, it is a fantastic tool to use. I'd certainly not
> code on the Archie had this editor not existed. Fred I owe you several
> beers and a fine meal if we ever meet ;-)

Thanks for the praise and the offer they are truly appreciated!


StrongED Developer

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