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[StrongED] Re: sending PHP file to browser

In article <ee4f912757.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is there some way I could achieve this goal of sending via Webjames, 
> maybe by defining Adjust-click on the running-man button?  This would 
> save a lot of repetititive error-prone manual typing in the URL bar!

I have never spent time hunting down a solution to this as I often want
to see things in a dark side browser so open pages there from the local
server and simply press f5 to reload when I have saved changes from the
RISC OS side. 

For the few things I work on in StrongEd and want to see in NetSurf, I do
the same: simply navigate fairly quickly to any file thanks to a raft of
useful URLs being stored in Blinds and on the local network home page and
again, the use of reload in the browser.

I like your idea of a right click on the run icon. If this was possible
perhaps StrongED could look for a variable, something like  
/* StrongED$LocalURL = http://localhost/095/digitize.php */
near the top of the file, as it does with StrongED$Mode.

An individual PHP (or HTML) file may make up only a small part of a page
by being INCLUDEd - perhaps providing a footer or a menu on many pages -
so the URL you will want StrongEd to call to test changes to it will be
one of the pages it appears on and not itself. We mustn't adopt a
file=page mindset or you defeat one reason for using PHP! 

A file called /frags/menu.php could have an entry something like this:
/* StrongED$LocalURL = http://localhost/index.php */


Tim Hill

timil.com : tjrh.eu : butterwick.eu : blue-bike.uk : youngtheatre.co.uk

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