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[StrongED] sending PHP file to browser

I'm in the midst of converting stuff from old Impression newsletters 
to web pages -- www.glastonburyconservation.org.uk -- coming to grips 
with CSS and PHP, and making much use of (and adding my own hacks to) 
Harriet Bazley's !DDF2html utility.

While StrongEd displays my PHP source file, I want to see what the 
result is when rendered by a browser.  I'm using Webjames as my local 
development server to interpret the PHP.

The StrongEd page is (for example)
but the file needs to be sent to Netsurf as

The "running man" button in StrongEd's HTML mode gives the likes of
where the PHP stuff of course turns into error reports.

Is there some way I could achieve this goal of sending via Webjames, 
maybe by defining Adjust-click on the running-man button?  This would 
save a lot of repetititive error-prone manual typing in the URL bar!

In other words, the first part of the file's pathname needs to be 
replaced by http://localhost/ , but determining exactly how much of 
the path to change might be tricky to program, since some sites have 
more deeply nested directories than this one.

Perhaps use could be made of the system variable that I already use to 
tell Webjames which of my several sites is the current target for 
"localhost" -- <webjames-thissite$dir>.  (I have an obeyfile in each 
site that sets this variable to <obey$dir>.  This has proved to be a 
good trick, and I'll do a hint&tip in Archive mag.)

Any suggestions (about Adjust-runningman or otherwise) from anyone 
more adept than I in StrongEd modefiles?  Thanks.

Jim Nagel                            www.archivemag.co.uk

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