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Re: [StrongED] List address & double mesages

Richard Torrens (ListMaster) wrote on 13 Aug:
> I think maybe it is time to bounce messages to stronged@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> with a message to use stronged@xxxxxxxxxxx ?  Any objections?

I got caught by this just now.  You didn't give much time to object!  
(Not that I would have.)

Got frazzled trying to find where to change the TO address for the 
list in the Messenger Pro dialogue.  You'd think it would obviously be 
among all the other stuff in "Edit group choices", but it isn't.  Nor 
is there any mention of TO in the helpfile there -- FROM and lots of 
other stuff is mentioned, but not TO.
   Finally found the relevant setting via MPro iconbar choices, 
Mailing lists, find the StrongEd list, and there is the dialogue for 
revising the TO address, where the ".uk" suffix must get vanished.

Submitted a new helpfile entry to R-Comp.

I will now re-send my originally intended mesij.

Jim Nagel                            www.archivemag.co.uk

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