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[StrongED] Re: Suggestion for copy drag'n drop + correction for late SHIFT key press

On 13 Aug in article <2d77f92657.Gerard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Gerard van Katwijk <g.vankatwijk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message <13a9e92657.pittdj+@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>           David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >> I use version 4.69f10 (04-Jun-2018) and didn't know of a there
> >> newer version. When I just looked on
> >> http://www.stronged.iconbar.com I could only see 4.69 as latest
> >> stable release.

> > 4.69f10 is the latest stable version. I have just downloaded a
> > fresh copy. BasAsm is present in the Modes list and ASM is in
> > "Extra modes" at the bottom of the Modes list.

> In my copy "Extra modes" is greyed out. Not that I need "BasAsm" or
> "ASM", but it's strange that the same(?) copy's can differ, isn't
> it? So, again I downloaded the stable application, but finded no
> differences with the copy I had.

The Modes listed in Modes and what are in ExtraModes are determined
by your configuration - in particular the ModeLock file.

Are you sure the BasAsm and ASM modes are in neither menu list?
If not, perhaps if they are missing from the ModeWhen file that may
be the cause.

Martin Avison      using a British Iyonix running RISC OS 5 
                   and the Pluto mail and newsreader

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