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Re: [StrongED] Suggestion for copy drag'n drop + correction for late SHIFT key press

In message <CAFztDOn38LgyMwchDcfHnhpPxebjBH8n03KOn-Adn9oeh8aCOw@mail.g 
          Xavier Louis Tardy <xltardy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In BasASM mode,

When I looked at the "Modes" menu window, I didn't finded a "BasASM" 
mode. But in the "Modes" part of the Stronghelp manual of StrongED, I 
finded something about "BasASM". I guess "BasASM" and "ASM" are two 
names for the same thing?

> I have noticed that once some text is selected, it is possible to move
> it elsewhere with the left mouse button, drag'n drop
> style, which is great.

I tried it in Basemode and there it worked to! :-)
I'm working on a HTML/CSS manual voor StrongED. In Dutch (sorry, my 
Englisch isn't good enough to do that in English). Because, StrongED 
can do so much, what you can't or hardly find somewhere, I'm 
interested in any tip. So, I set this one aside to implement later.

> But if you want to copy the selected text, you need to keep SHIFT key
> pressed.

You made my thinking (about this) and than I tryed wat I was thinking. 
Copying de selected text to an other text window. It worked! Just, 
moving the selected text, with de left mouse button hold, and bring it 
to another text window and there will come a copy.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Gerard van Katwijk
a.b. zeilklipper "Mentor"

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