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Re: [StrongED] Nederlands

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          Gerard van Katwijk <g.vankatwijk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Look, a reaction on my mail in Dutch, to see if there are any people
> who can read Dutch :-) I know some English, but it is not my native
> language, so it is always more difficult to communicate in.

Your English seems pretty good to me. I stayed a few days as a guest
of the mathematics department in Leiden, some time in the 1960s, and
I do not think I met anyone in the street there whose English was not fluent.

> OK, but can you read Dutch?

No, but with English and Danish I can make some guesses. Also, I should
say that I have always been interested in the history of language. The
further back in time you go, the closer cousin-languages appear to be.
Danish is a big help with Middle English, such as 'Sir Gawain and the
Green Knight'. But then the Danes ruled a goodly chunk of England for
quite a while, which perhaps explains that :).

> I work at the moment with version 3.8 (Dev CI#4358)

Good for you.

> Aside: I thought, that this mailing list was specially meant, related
> to StrongEd. But in your mail I find nothing of it :-)

Well Strong** are both creations of Guttorm Vik. StrongEd is certainly
my favourite text-editor, and Fred Graute has done a marvellous job
with developing it. If HTML and CSS, and a browser capable of interpreting
them, had been available in those early days would G.V. have bothered
with StrongHelp? For making manuals it seems to me that HTML+CSS give you
almost everything you need, plus the bonus of making links to documents on the
WWW.  Even if one removed from NetSurf the ability to download over the
internet, keeping just the rendering of HTML+CSS, one would still have
a display tool of much greater sophistication and ease of authoring than
StrongHelp. I feel that the NetSurf sources probably contain a lot of
fertile material for further RISC OS applications.

One thing NetSurf currently lacks is the ability to display tooltips,
because it still needs the 'hover' selector to be implemented. Tooltips
are particularly appropriate for tutorial material, because explanations
that would otherwise clutter up the page can be hidden and yet
be within easy reach - especially useful for beginners in a subject.

Gavin Wraith (gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Home page: http://www.wra1th.plus.com/

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