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Re: [StrongED] Nederlands

In message <e218cd2557.gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>Nou, benieuwd of ik een reactie krijg :-)

Look, a reaction on my mail in Dutch, to see if there are any people 
who can read Dutch :-) I know some English, but it is not my native 
language, so it is always more difficult to communicate in.

> Welcome Gerard. I wish I could give you a reply in Dutch.

OK, but can you read Dutch?

>> Tevens ben ik begonnen om de informatie over StrongED te verwerken in
>> een HTML/CSS3 vorm en waar nodig uit te breiden zodat een zo goed en
>> gebruikersvriendelijk mogelijke handleiding ontstaat.

> I like to use NetSurf (3.8) for browsing, from RISC OS.

So do I.

> But it is not clear which parts of CSS it supports, and which it does not.

Years ago, I started to translate it in Dutch with the purpose to send 
it to the developers, so they could made it available to anyone. 
Because of the communication with them I needed someone who was better 
in English then me. I had someone, but it wasn't satisfying. So, I 
stopped that project. In 
http://www.netsurf-browser.org/documentation/progress.html they 
mention about CSS1 and CSS2: "Nearly done" and about CSS3: "Some of 
the selectors have been implemented.", but which? Maybe you can ask 
them to specify it?

> I find the StrongHelp Manual "CSS1" by Chris Terran very useful, but
> it was created in 2005 and I guess that NetSurf has come on a bit
> since then.

Yes it did. I work at the moment with version 3.8 (Dev CI#4358)

> It is a shame that RISC OS users must turn to other platforms,
> because, if one puts aside the the more abstruse uses of Javascript,
> the artistic challenges of creating static web pages do not demand
> great programming abilities and are within reach of the amateur
> enthusiast.

I agree.

Aside: I thought, that this mailing list was specially meant, related 
to StrongEd. But in your mail I find nothing of it :-)

Met vriendelijke groet,
Gerard van Katwijk
a.b. zeilklipper "Mentor"

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