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[StrongED] Re: Manual - Modes - Functions section

I may be starting to sort some of the confusion over the Functions section
of the Modefile. Please correct my errors.

The word "Functions" in not related to the programs functions. It is
really "Operations of Mouse clicks on Toolbar and mode-menu"

The section in the Basemode.ModeFile is laid out in blocks - but I suspect
the blocks are not necessarily meaningful? If so, the blank lines make
things confusing! Not a problem unless you are trying to explain things!

a line starting "Icon" ties that block to the icon whose name follows (on
the same line) the word Icon.

Similarly I would expect the lines starting "Menu" to start a block
defining the action when the Mode's Menu is clicked?

Except that "Menu" in a block starting "Icon" seems to define what happens
when the Menu button is clicked on that entry?


Explaining this in the instructions is not going to be easy!

Richard Torrens.
http://www.Torrens.org for genealogy, natural history, wild food, walks, cats
and more!

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