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Re: [StrongED] Re: Manual - Shortcuts

On 29 Jun 2018 as I do recall,
          Fred Graute  wrote:


> Entering ``f on an empty line works. If the cursor is at, say, start of
> line and first character is AlphaNumeric then ``f won't expand. If first
> character is punctuation then ``f does expand.
I think this is the source of confusion -- I for one have only ever typed
shortcuts at the 'end' of a line, i.e. as I compose the text, rather than
going back and trying to insert them into the middle of words, so I was
under the impression that they always expanded immediately you typed them
and the following character was irrelevant.   Unlike Impression's shortcuts,
which don't expand until you type a space or full stop following them (which
is a complete pain if actually you want to follow the word with a comma!)

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