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[StrongED] Re: Manual - Modes

In article <d0b0651d57.harriet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Harriet Bazley <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I thought I would look at the Functions section next... But I am confused.
> > These do not appear to tie an UI event to a function... I suspect the
> > section is better defined as Actions?
> >
> > In any case, I do not understand it.
> >
> As I understand it, the Functions section defines the various icons/menu
> entries/key shortcuts that can be set up to call functions for the mode
> in question. The minimum requirement for each is a line reading Icon or
> Menu followed by a line reading Select defining the function(s) to be
> called; if it has an Icon associated with it, you can have an Adjust
> action defined too.

Thanks Harriet

That makes it a _little_ clearer. But not clear enough to be able to
explain it1

The (active) lines from the BaseMode functions section is attached. OK -
they are toolvbr and menu-mode functions. Many lines do indeed start 

e.g 	Icon		help

The next line is incomprehensible. 
Select - gives Help on the current mode etc.

	Key		s-F
These do nothing. 

I could go on!

Richard Torrens.
http://www.Torrens.org for genealogy, natural history, wild food, walks, cats
and more!
#--- Toolbar and mode-menu functions

	Icon		help
	Help		HBM_help
	Select		HelpMode

	c-Select	HelpBaseMode

	cs-Select	HelpStrongED

	Adjust		CharInfo

	Key		F1
	c-Adjust	HelpWord

	Key		s-F1
	s-Adjust	HelpSearch("StrongED,")

	Key		c-I
	cs-Adjust	dbox_FileInfo

	Icon		Lot
	Help		HBM_low
	Key		c-L
	Select		ListOfWindows

	Adjust		dbox_LoadFile

	Icon		dicticon
	Help		HBM_spell
	Select		SpellCheck()

	Adjust		dbox_spellcheck()

	s-Select	SetTmp() Run("TaskWindow \"Dict <StrongED$Tmp_MarkWord>\" -display")

	Icon		opton
	Help		HBM_opt
	Select		dbox_GlobalChoices

	Adjust		dbox_ModeChoices

	Icon		Save2
	Help		HBM_save
	Select		dbox_SaveText

	Adjust		SaveText()

	c-Select	SetTmp() ExportText() Run("Run <StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath>.!ExportSED")

	Icon		undoredo
	Help		HBM_undo
	Select		Undo

	Adjust		Redo

	Icon		Speak
	Help		HBM_speak
	Select		SetTmp() Process(,"Run <StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath>.!SpeakSED",,NoReplace)

	Icon		Refresh3
	Help		HBM_refresh
	Select		dbox_RefreshFile()

	Adjust		RefreshFile()

	c-Select	SetTmp() Process(Text,"Run <StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath>.DoDiff",,NoReplace)

	Icon		Apply
	Help		HBM_apply
	Select		SetTmp() Run("Filer_OpenDir <StrongED$ScriptsDir>")

	Adjust		SetTmp() Process(,"<StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath>.!ScriptSED",,NoReplace)

	c-Drag		SetTmp() Process(,"<StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath>.!ScriptSED.Tools.Despatch <StrongED$Tmp_DragFile>",,NoReplace) Run("Filer_Run <StrongED$ScrapDir>.in")

	s-Drag		SetTmp() Process(,"<StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath>.!ScriptSED.Tools.Despatch <StrongED$Tmp_DragFile>",,"<StrongED$ScrapDir>.in")

	cs-Drag		SetTmp() Process(All,"<StrongED$Tmp_ToolPath>.!ScriptSED.Tools.Despatch <StrongED$Tmp_DragFile>",,"<StrongED$ScrapDir>.in")

	Menu		Remove trailing spaces
	Help		HBM_trim
	Select		TrimLines()

	Menu		Remove leading spaces
	Help		HBM_ltrim
	Select		Replace(_spct,"",,Line)

	Menu		Wrap (join) lines
	Help		HBM_join
	Select		Replace(_wrap,_rwrap,,Noline)

	Menu		Unwrap (split) lines
	Help		HBM_split
	Select		Unwrap

	Menu		Fold text
	Select		UnfoldText() FoldText

	Menu		Unfold text
	Select		UnfoldText