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Re: [StrongED] Manual - Modes

On 19 Jun 2018 as I do recall,
          Richard Torrens (lists) wrote:


> I thought I would look at the Functions section next... But I am confused.
> These do not appear to tie an UI event to a function... I suspect the
> section is better defined as Actions?
> In any case, I do not understand it.
As I understand it, the Functions section defines the various icons/menu
entries/key shortcuts that can be set up to call functions for the mode in
question. The minimum requirement for each is a line reading Icon or Menu
followed by a line reading Select defining the function(s) to be called; if
it has an Icon associated with it, you can have an Adjust action defined

> So I thought the section HelpPath would be easy. It isn't! The Paths
> appear to be often pointers to StrongED's internal list of where things
> might be, but I detect a close coupling to StrongHelp, which I cannot yet
> fathom!
HelpPath contains the comma-separated leafnames of one or more StrongHelp
manuals in which keywords can be looked up using the HelpWord function - if
they are already resident in memory (having been double-clicked upon) then
the lookup will succeed, and if they exist in !Manuals.Root then StrongED
will load and search them.
Any word to be looked up via HelpWord must exist as an individual page
within the StrongHelp manual in question in order to be found successfully,
though it can be within a subdirectory, e.g. Wimp_Poll.Idle

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