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Re: [StrongED] Outputting a file containing all labels in a file (BasASM mode)

In message <CAFztDOnGMWw2FeHFKra0a2pVD4C-d_w5zotNmW-q6m1jhO43Zw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Xavier Louis Tardy <xltardy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In BasASM mode, how can I output a file having all lines starting with '.' ?
> If possible, alphabetically sorted.

Hold down Shift and click with the left mouse button on the toolbar
button that depicts a miniature LoF (normally 4th from right). This
should produce an LoF with all labels.

Click Menu over the LoF and make sure that 'Sort LoF' is ticked. Then
use the 'Save' item to save the LoF as a file.


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