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Re: [StrongED] A couple of bug fixes

In message <alpine.WNT.2.00.1807011635020.3196@Jeffrey-PC>
          Jeffrey Lee <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I had a report of some odd interaction between vncserver and StrongED,
> relating to the global clipboard handling. After some investigation it 
> turns out this was half vncserver's fault (dodgy RAM transfer protocol 
> implementation) and half StrongED. I've attached a patch containing my 
> fixes for StrongED (based around the 469f10 sources); if you could give 
> them a sanity check and include them in the next release then that would 
> be great.

Thanks for the changes. 

> The changes were:
> * Fixing CloseMenu to only call Wimp_CreateMenu if it actually wants to 
> close the menu (R1=-1). StrongED was getting confused and trying to close 
> menus when it shouldn't; if it was another app which had a menu open then 
> calling with R1=0 actually had the effect of closing that app's menu.

Seems good. I just wonder if the 'TSTne R14,#(one_window + one_submenu)'
should be changed to 'TSTne R14,#one_window'. Can't see why a menu tree
can't be closed if it leads to a one_window.

> * Make CloseSaveBox really do nothing if no one_window is open (to match 
> the logic below which checks the window type)
> * PushSaveRec and PullSaveRec were sometimes exiting via CSB1, causing 
> CloseMenu to be invoked. Fix them to exit properly.

These look correct to me.

> I originally tried submitting these patches to 
> developer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx several months ago, but I guess that 
> address must be dead or misconfigured since I never got a reply back.

The address works and the message did come through. I also evaluated the
changes at the time but somehow didn't get back to you. Probably because
I wanted to think some more about PushSaveRec and PullSaveRec which fail
to fully fix the problem they were supposed to fix. Sorry for that.


StrongED Developer

Fred Graute

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