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Re: [StrongED] News ModeWhen query

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          Martin <list01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ahah! I have just noticed that when SE edits the file, it adds '(Pluto).'
> to the start of the filename displayed in the titlebar... which is only 
> seen if the window is wide enough!  SE must add the owning task name, 
> and that is what matches the Include Rule.


> Can the News ModWhen be changed to be more explicit, so it only
> includes messages and not User Dictionary? The User Dictionary
> contains no identifying features.

It can but that requires changes in Pluto. At the moment both messages
and the User Dictionary are offered to StrongED as text files. They are
also located in the same directory with an 8 digit hex number as

This means that StrongED cannot see which is which as they can't be
identified on filetype or pathname. Pluto would need to provide some way
for StrongED to tell them apart. Different filetypes or different paths,
eg <Wimp$ScrapDir>.Pluto.Messages & <Wimp$ScrapDir>.Pluto.UserDict

Embedding something in the text (a marker or 'StrongED$Mode =') are also
options but that might not be possible/desirable here.


StrongED Developer

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