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[StrongED] Re: Joe Taylor's StrongHTML mode

Richard Torrens (lists) wrote on 3 Jul:

>> [Jim wrote:] I'm particularly attracted to Joe's applet (if that's the
>> word) for inserting a graphic, and would like to revise it slightly to
>> deal with a nifty new CSS feature that my son has concocted for me.
>> (About which I will do an Archive article after more play.)

> I had a look at the !RunImage - I managed to change the upper caae
> tage to lower case ...

The "applet" I meant is Modes.StrongHTML.Tools.!HTMLimg -- and 
unfortunately its runimage is filetype Absolute.

The "image" applet is invoked by a button above the StrongEd window 
when StrongHTML mode is in use.  It produces a little dialogue with a 
dropzone for the graphic file you want to insert into the web page.  
The dropzone very usefully:
 - handles Jpeg and PNG and Gif, and I presume the usual other 
graphics filetypes too
 - converts RiscOS pathname format to Unix format
 - gives a *relative* version of the pathname, suiting where the 
graphic and the target HTML live in the filesystem
 - extracts width and height figures of the graphic.

The dialogue also has fields where the user specifies border, Hspace 
and Vspace but I wouldn't need these when using CSS.

Meanwhile I could experiment with the Modefile's shortcuts as Richard 
suggests.  But won't do anything for the next week.

Jim Nagel                            www.archivemag.co.uk

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