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[StrongED] News ModeWhen query

In Pluto, all files which are to be edited externally where the
results are to be read back into Pluto are passed to the OLE editor
(as defined by OLEServer$Type_FFF) with an Text filetype.

If this is StrongEd, the ModeWhen file (in SE v4.70a12) for
News includes the Include Rule line


What the brackets do ?   They are not mentioned in SE help.

This Include Rule seems to match the filename, for example:

Ahah! I have just noticed that when SE edits the file, it adds '(Pluto).' 
to the start of the filename displayed in the titlebar... which is only 
seen if the window is wide enough!  SE must add the owning task name, 
and that is what matches the Include Rule.

The OLE files include User Dictionary, Articles, and edited posts. 

While it is probably ok for Articles and edited posts to use the News
mode, User Dictionary must be treated as plain text in BaseMode.

If News mode is used for UserDict, any NewLines are replaced by
spaces when a change is made to the Abbreviations or Additional Words
sections. This corrupts the file that is passed back to Pluto.

Can the News ModWhen be changed to be more explicit, so it only
includes messages and not User Dictionary? The User Dictionary
contains no identifying features.


Martin Avison      using a British Iyonix running RISC OS 5 
                   and the Pluto mail and newsreader

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