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[StrongED] Re: Manual - Shortcuts

In article <927fa5a58645c1f072b199aa37d79314@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Jeremy Nicoll - ml sed <jn.ml.sed45@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, it's better... but the IMPORTANT part of what you've changed it to 
> was
> mentioning the carriage return on the end.  If you initially said

>    Typing   ``1This is a heading      followed by Carriage Return

> then I probably wouldn't have asked.  It must be the CR that tells SE 
> that the end of the related literal text has been reached.

> In fact, your

>    "The ``1 bit is expanded immediately as soon as you type it since the
>     Carriage Return at the end on the line being typed means it is 
> floating."

> is confusing.   This cannot be right:

>    "The ``1 bit is expanded immediately as soon as you type it"

> at least not because of the CR, because you haven't typed the CR (or the
> preceding literal text) yet.  You've only typed ` and ` and 1.

> Why, precisely, CR is a trigger but, for example, space is not, is still
> not clear.

The StrongHelp says 
"The shortcut is 'free' when the letters that are before and after it in
the text, are of a different type than the first and last letter of the
shortcut (or something like that..)"

So it is down to exactly what the (or something like that..) means...

If you are typing a new dcument there is an implicit "end of" as there is
nothing after the bit you type... I called that a CR to simplify it!

but ``1 expands if there are spaces or a TAB following as that is

So I have changed the CR for "white space"

Explanations can get too complicated. Only Fred could define what
"Different" means and I don't think that would be exactly simple...

> Further down where you describe \n, \t etc, the line about \@ has a typo
> in it and mentions \' where it shouldn't.


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