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Re: [StrongED] Manual - Shortcuts

On 2018-06-28 17:51, Richard Torrens (lists) wrote:
Section on Shortcuts done:

It's not clear to me why typing

  ``1This is a heading

would generate

   <h1>This is a heading</h1>

What makes SE decide that the significant text is all of "This is a
heading"?   Why does it not produce:


as soon as the space after "This" is typed?  If

 "The shortcut is floating when the letters that are before and
  after it in the text are of a different type than the first
  and last letter of the shortcut."

is the reason, then it's entirely unclear what (in your example)
the four letters concerned are.   Are "the first and last letter
of the shortcut" characters in the typed_text, or the replacement_
text?  Are these "letters" definitely letters (ie A-Za-z) or do
they include other characters?

But there are two comments in the History section of the StrongHelp I do
not understand:

 * New parameter for Shortcuts; 'Space', expands the shortcut only if
followed by space.

Presumably means that xy will expand only if the user types x y space,
which might make it suitable for correcting frequently entered letter
transpositions, eg changing "ot" to "to" without affecting "ottoman".

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own

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