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[StrongED] Throwback save crashing

I've just met a problem I can't resolve.  I am using TextSeek to search a
large number of files, with the results appearing in a StrongEd throwback

As well as using the throwback links to inspect individual instances I
sometimes save the contents of the search as a text file that I can then
search to find out more about for example the number of instances of
various things.

However, when I tred to do that today it crashed StrongEd repeatedly with
two different sets of search results.  Both were large (~800 lines and
~1500 lines) so I suspect it is size related since it worked OK for a small
search .  

Even so the resultant files would not be super huge - there are ~130k
characters in the bigger one.

I tried doubling the WimpSlot from 512k to 1024k but that made no

I monitored the storage used while building the throwback list.  

StrongEd crept slowly up from  740k to ~970k, suggesting the file is using
around 230k. 

Text Seek went up and down a lot (probably while opening and closing files,
which ranged from ~5M to ~20M each) and at the end dropped back to its
staring 92k, suggesting that it was no longer actively involved with the
file - hence raising this as a StrongEd question.

I am running RO5.25 (25 April) on ARMX6.

Any ideas?

John Harrison
Website http://jaharrison.me.uk

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