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Re: [StrongED] 4.70f10 swallows keypress...

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have RO 5.25 Keyboard config set so Left Flag key changes to
> Wimpmode X1920 Y1080 C16M F60
> This works with 4.69f10 (04-Jun-2018) but 4.70a12 (23-Apr-2017) swallows
> the Left Flag keypress when any window is open.
> Is this a problem on my ARMX6 or do others experience the problem?

StrongED 4.70a12 uses the left Logo key as a modifier key and so it's no
longer passed on to other tasks.

One of the changes in 4.70 is the ability to remember more than 1 macro
(keyboard sequences recorded using s-F9). 10 such macros can be stored
for later use, they can be recalled using a dialogue box (c-F9).

Each stored macro can also be recalled directly from the keyboard using
Logo-Fx (where Fx is a function key). Tested this just now, it doesn't
work correctly yet so needs some more work.

If/when KeyExtend is replaced by DeepKeys/StrongKeys the Logo keys will
become modifier keys that can be used in the same way as Ctrl and Shift.

The DeepKeys documentation recommends that the Logo keys not be passed
on when being used as modifier keys.


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