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Re: [StrongED] Re: URL recognition

Jim Nagel  wrote on 12 Jun:

> If StrongEd needs a "scheme" before a URL such as "torrens.org" can
> become clickable, how about this alternative approach:

>      Click anywhere within such a link, even though it isn't
>      underlined etc to look live.  Launch it with a keystroke.

> In the StrongEd modefile (or whatever), define a keystroke that grabs
> everything fore and aft of the caret (as far as a space or line-end)
> and sends that to the OS routine.

Afterthought:  would Ctrl-click be available in StrongEd for this 

Ctrl-click is already familiar for launching a URL in MPro (and 
possibly other apps) where ordinary click is used for editing stuff 
and needs Ctrl-click to distinguish the "launch" action.

Jim Nagel                            www.archivemag.co.uk

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