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Re: [StrongED] Re: URL recognition

Richard Torrens (lists) wrote on 12 Jun:
> ,,, That saves a lot of effort trying to do the impossible! I'll stick
> with the http:// on the front - maybe I'll define a shortcut to insert
> http://

> Or I could use www. - most of the subdomains also work if called e.g.
> www.stronged.torrens.org as they are redirected.

Both those prefixes are abominations.  I speak as an editor of printed 
stuff.  My policy is that any URL appearing in print is what the user 
needs to type.  It needs to be as short as possible to avoid confusing 
linewraps or misleading hyphenation.  Any browser will supply the 
http:// prefix; my reader does not need to type it.

As for "www", send it the way of the dinosaurs.  Who was the hero who 
invented an abbreviation that has nine times as many syllables as what 
it stands for (web) and is so ugly to say that BBC presenters went on 
strike about it (I'm making that up, but they probably wanted to).  
Anybody can cause the "www." to be optional on their website simply by 
setting up a symbolic link on the server.

End of rant.

If StrongEd needs a "scheme" before a URL such as "torrens.org" can 
become clickable, how about this alternative approach:

     Click anywhere within such a link, even though it isn't 
     underlined etc to look live.  Launch it with a keystroke.

In the StrongEd modefile (or whatever), define a keystroke that grabs 
everything fore and aft of the caret (as far as a space or line-end) 
and sends that to the OS routine.

I do a similar thing in Impression, where I have applied a "link" 
style to the relevant text (blue italics).  A keystroke (Shift-Ctrl-V, 
unfortunately not mnemonic but otherwise unused in Impression) sends 
it to *uridispatch.  I do that to test any link before printing it.

Jim Nagel                            www.archivemag.co.uk

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