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Re: [StrongED] URL recognition

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          "Richard Torrens (lists)" <Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> How would I alter the BaseMode to recognise URLs of the form used in a
> sub-domain?
> e.g. to highlight stronged.torrens.org - at the moment, to get StrongED to
> recognise that as clickable I have to use http://stronged.torrens.org
> Of course I also have http://www.torrens.org.uk so a complete scheme would
> recognise .org, .co etc. in a string, not just at the end.
> I think this is controlled by the section:
> SyntaxWords Group8 EndOfExpr ee_url nocase
> 	https:// http:// ftp:// telnet:// file:/ mailto: news: stronghelp: www.
> .org
> End

There are two parts to this. The SyntaxWords group causes URLs to be
highlighted. The ClickList Select2 makes URLs clickable.

Both require that the URL starts with the name of a scheme as shown in
the SyntaxWords group above. Things like 'stronged.torrens.org' can be
coloured by adding the entire string to a SyntaxWords group but they
can't be launched due to the lack of a scheme.


StrongED Developer

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