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[StrongED] Re: URL recognition

In article <c6b22dcea45e242b4fdee97839010d82@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Jeremy Nicoll - ml sed <jn.ml.sed45@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2018-06-12 08:44, Richard Torrens (lists) wrote:

> > I think this is controlled by the section:
> > 
> > SyntaxWords Group8 EndOfExpr ee_url nocase
> > 	https:// http:// ftp:// telnet:// file:/ mailto: news: stronghelp: 
> > www.
> > .org
> > End

> Surely that trailling ".org" is wrong?  Everything else there is 
> something that
> can introduce a URL?

> What's the definition of "ee_url"?

Yes - it's wrong! It does not work.
It marks anything starting in ".org".
If it worked I would not be asking...

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