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[StrongED] Instructions index

I have been doing a bit of work on the main index

It's indexA.html because it will get so long it's going to need several
pages - but how long should a single page get? Opinions please.

Off topic:
For general interest, the index is actually a PipeDream file. I have
written a custom function to convert that into the body of an html table
which lives at

That custom function also writes out another file

Those two files are then Server Side Included into the index.

This system is far easier to update than anything else I have tried, so
indexing is more likely to get done! 

All of the Pipedream data is actually in the www site directory should
anyone want to try it. It's at 
but you'l have to SetType the files correctly and it won't work as it is
since the custom function writes to

Richard Torrens.
http://www.Torrens.org for genealogy, natural history, wild food, walks, cats
and more!

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