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Re: [StrongED] StrongED 4.69f10 available

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          Chris Newman <cvjazz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[big snip]

> Having got past that hurdle, I'm now getting an error message when StrongED
> loads.
> BaseMode.Mode File   
> Line 426
> Unknown function.
> I can't find what line 426 refers to as I have to fall back on !Edit & I
> don't know how to show line numbers in that.(Haven't used it in years).

Edit, like StrongED, has a goto window under f5 allowing you to enter
the line number to go to.

The error says that there is a function in your BaseMode ModeFile that
StrongED doesn't understand, probably an old function that is no longer

> I have tried the obey file UseChoices but get 
>  StrED_cfg is already present in Choices 
> although I've never put a copy there. I searched !Boot using both !TextSeek &
> !Locate but neither could find a copy of StrED_cfg.

Did you search for '!StrED_cfg'? It's an application so its Filer name
has a '!' prefix.

> The obey file refers to Choices$Write but there is no such location in my
> Adjust 4.39 !Boot.

Choices$Write is not a location but a system variable that points at a
location. It's guaranteed to point at the directory that choices should
be written to on all systems that use the universal boot sequence.

To open the directory it points at do:

  *Filer_OpenDir <Choices$Write>

at the command line or in a taskwindow.

> Could it be the new version doesn't like Adjust 4.39?

That's highly unlikely.

For now, I think it's best to copy StrED_cfg from the download archive
to the same directory as StrongED. Then start StrongED with Ctrl held
down, this forces the use of the local StrED_cfg.

Open your Choices directory (eg with above command) and see if there's
a copy of StrED_cfg. If so, navigate to:


and load the BaseMode Modefile.

Go to line 426 and let us know how it reads. Once that's known further
steps can be suggested.


StrongED Developer

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