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[StrongED] MiniTime 1.09 available

Hi All,

Version 1.09 of MiniTime is now available for download from

MiniTime is a small application that displays the date/time in a small
icon or window. It was written as a replacement for SmallTime which does
the same thing but doesn?t run on modern hardware and the licence
doesn?t allow for altered versions to be distributed.

Changes in this version are:

 - Colours can be dragged from one colour field to another colour field.
   This makes it easier to set different options to the same colour.

 - Open colour dialogue box in the same colour model as when it closed.

 - Added support for switching the colour scheme to choices window.

 - Choices file split into two; one for colours and one for other options.

MiniTime can be freely distributed under the 3-clause BSD licence, and
comes with the source included. As always all feedback is welcome.


StrongED Developer

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