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[StrongED] Tamarc 1.01 available

Hi All,

Version 1.01 of Tamarc is now available for download from

Tamarc (short for TaskManager Right Click) is a small module that checks
for clicks with the right mouse button on the TaskManager's icon bar

The inspiration for Tamarc came from 'QuickConfig' (by Will Ling) which
was hardcoded to open Configure on a right click. In Tamarc this was
changed to running an obey file so that the action performed could be
modified by the user.

By default that action is still to start the Configure application but
you can edit the obey file to make it do something else.

Also included is a utility called TestACS which checks if any of the
modifiers Alt, Ctrl or Shift are pressed. The results are placed in a
couple of system variables that can be used in an obey file.

By using TestACS, multiple actions can be assigned to Adjust clicks
depending on which modifier key(s) are pressed. For example, a plain
Adjust click could open Configure while a Ctrl-click opens a TaskWindow.

Tamarc & TestACS can be freely distributed under the 3-clause BSD
licence, and come with the source included.

As always, all feedback is welcome.


StrongED Developer

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