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Re: [StrongED] Why writing 'SINGLE' in a comment, in BasASM mode is saved SIN GLE ?

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mail.com> you wrote:

> As the title says, I see SE doesn't like when I write SINGLE in a comment
> in BasASM mode, to comment an EQUD
> My line is for example :
> EQUB 1           ; Scanline 109 SINGLE PATTERN

> When I save the file and reload it, 'SINGLE' is split and reads 'SIN GLE'.

SIN in uppercase is a BASIC keyword - the mathematical sine function.

It could be argued that keywords in comments should be ignored, but I 
suspect that might cause a problem if a line of code was commented 
out, then later the comment character was removed. Would the keyword 
then be recognised?

Alan Adams, from Northamptonshire

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