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[StrongED] !qoppa

Fred, and others, you might conceivably be interested in a new application
!qoppa, that I have put on my website. It is yet another way of making websites.
I can see why people go for markdown, like Textile, to make web-pages. But
these days you can do a lot more with CSS, and it is only the head-matter
in HTML files that is a bore. So !qoppa deals automatically with that;
all you have to do is write the html in the body. There is the usual
markdown for _emphasis_ and for links:
[foo] gives <a href="foo.html">foo</a>
[foo bar>uvw/abc.html] gives <a href="uvw/abc.html">foo bar</a>
You drag a copy of !qoppa into the source directory and double-click it
to make the pages. When some sources are updated only those get reconverted
-- in theory :).
If you put an empty file !index in the source directory !qoppa
will fill it automatically so you get an index page of links. Files
with names starting with ! are invisible for indexing purposes.
At the moment !qoppa presumes flat websites - no directory structure.
In comparing with StrongHelp, I presume that it was the 77 files per
directory limit that forced the use of a non-flat structure. I must
say that I think HTML and CSS offer a lot more flexibility of design
and ease of creation than StrongHelp. It is true that NetSurf only offers
limited CSS, but enough for quite a lot.
Gavin Wraith (gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Home page: http://www.wra1th.plus.com/

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