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[StrongED] Re: Time stamps

In article <e55e95e556.gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When I load a textfile into StrongED, modify it, and resave
> it, does StrongED update the time stamp of the file at the time of
> resaving?

Time stamps are not normally written by applications themselves - the
time stamps are managed by the file system. The only time
applications mess with time stamps is if e.g. they wish to retain the
original timestamp after an edit.

I have never noticed time stamps not being updated. After all, time
stamps are one of the things that disc backup/synchronisation
applications (e.g. SyncDiscs, DirSync, SafeStore) use to determine
whether to copy a file or not.

Chris Johnson

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