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Re: [StrongED] background colour for certain parts -- another Modefile Q

Fred Graute  wrote on 15 Mar:

> In message <3b8b26d956.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I'd like to add a way of highlighting bits of PHP within an HTML page
>> to make them easier to see.  In particular:
>> (1) Any section beginning "<?php " and ending " ?>" should have a
>> light background colour, say RGB #dfdeff.  A light background colour
>> so that any foreground colour used for other purposes is still clear.

> If that section is a single line then you can use the SyntaxWords
> groups. For areas of more than one textline you have to use one of the
> SyntaxComment groups.

At last had a nopportunity to have a play with this.  I soon got a 
background colour to display under the <?php ... ?> sections, by 
adding a  "Syntaxcomment 2" section in the HTML modefile after the 
existing "Syntaxcomment 1" section, which handles <!-- ... --> HTML 
comments (I added the suffix "1").

Disappointingly both display with the same background, grey.  Is there 
any way to specify a different background colour for Syntaxcomment 2?

(I might be misunderstanding Fred's term "SyntaxComment group".  I 
took that to mean the relevant section (consisting of four or five 
lines) within the modefile.)

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