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Re: [StrongED] Colours Element names

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          Martin <list01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Using v4.70a12...
> In a given mode (eg BasAsm) if I open Mode Choices for that mode, and go
> to Colours, the Element menu has a long list of items with cryptic,
> though descriptive, names.

As an aside here, if the names are too cryptic then run Help. When the
pointer is over an entry in the Elements menu a few of the 'words'
defined in that group will be listed.
> If I copy that mode directory from !StrongEd.Defaults.Modes to
> !StrEd.cfg.UserPrefs.Modes with a different name (eg BasAsmPrt) then that
> new mode becomes visible in a list of modes.
> However, when I open Mode Choices for that new mode, the Elements menu
> now consists of some descriptive names, then a long list of Group 1 -
> Group 27 which is not very descriptive at all!

If you've copied the entire mode directory from Defaults to UserPrefs
then the groups should retain their names...
> How can I get the descriptions back?

...as the names are defined in <Mode$Dir>.Resources.UK.Messages (just
tried this to make sure). Check that the Messages file is there and if
not copy it over.
> The only hint I can find is in the SH manual for SyntaxWords, which says 
>     Group number relates directly to the colours section in 
>     the Mode Choices dbox.
> which is not particularly useful.

Another tip: if there are no descriptions for syntax groups (not all
modes have them) then turn on the option: 'Global choices -> Misc ->
Colours section in mode choices follows cursor'.

When this option is on the Colours section will automatically select the
element that corresponds with where the cursor is.
> This is all because of the problems I have found with printing from
> StrongEd, as I believe the only way to use a sensible colour scheme and
> font size is to create another Mode and adjust the colour settings - ie a
> smaller font and a white background with the light colours changed to
> darker ones. Unless anyone knows an easier way...

Assuming you only use one of the colour schemes then you could set up
the other one for printing. If you use the scheme ColoursStd (white
background) then you could set up ColoursAlt for printing.

The downside is that you'd have to change the colour scheme before
printing (and back after), same for the outline font settings. Colour
scheme is changed via: 'Global choices -> Display -> Use alternative
colour scheme'.

The problem of printing colours is something I've been aware of for
quite some time but I have yet to find a solution that integrates nicely
with the rest of StrongED. Suggestions welcome!


StrongED Developer

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