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Re: [StrongED] syntax of a Modewhen file

Fred Graute  wrote on 14 Mar:

> Jim wrote:
>> Meanwhile, my immediate Modewhen confusion was solved with ";" instead
>> of erroneous "," as detailed upthread.

> Hopefully this doesn't come across as contrary but the problem must
> have been something else because ModeWhen rules accept both "," and
> ";" as separators.

I tested just now by changing the semicolon back to a comma, and my 
Modewhen now does NOT respond to a textfile starting with "SCRIPT:" -- 
but go back to semicolon and it DOES respond.

I'm using:
 - StrongEd 4.70a12 on an ArmX6 (Ro 5.23, R-Comp OS 11).
 - Obey.Modefile -- default one by D. Wagner 1.03 (2011-12-21), copied 
to Userprefs.Modes before I began messing.

Here is the Obey.Modewhen file.  The first three lines and the 
second-last line are mine; otherwise it's same as Wagner default.

        _Convtext  <<< "SCRIPT:"
     Rules Include
     ! f7b, **
     ! fd6, **
     ! fd7, **
     ! fea, **
     ! feb, **
     ! ffe, **
     fff, **; _Convtext

As I say, that semicolon in second-last line does seem to matter.

(PS: I will still follow up Fred's suggestion of a separate Convtext 
mode when I get time.)

Jim Nagel                                www.archivemag.co.uk
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