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Re: [StrongED] syntax of a Modewhen file

In message <6c19b9d856.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Fred Graute  wrote on 14 Mar:
> > A separate mode for ConvText would get round this problem. ...
> Thanks for the specific tips, Fred.  Will have a go at building a 
> Convtext mode in a week or so, when we get back from a few days away.

Great, please let us know what you come up with.

Oh, and just to up the stakes, I created a quick and dirty ConvText mode
when writing my previous message in this thread. :-)

> Meanwhile, my immediate Modewhen confusion was solved with ";" instead 
> of erroneous "," as detailed upthread.

Hopefully this doesn't come across as contrary but the problem must have
been something else because ModeWhen rules accept both "," and ";" as


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