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Re: [StrongED] Re: syntax of a Modewhen file

Richard Torrens (lists) wrote on 14 Mar:

> I did the page
> http://stronged.torrens.org/man/examplemode.html
> which should help.

Ahhh!  That SEMICOLON in your example did the trick, thanks.

There seems to be an error in the Stronghelp for 4.70a12: the page 
"Syntax of Rules section" (dated 2003!!) shows a COMMA rather than a 
semicolon.  That's why my earlier attempts failed.

Now that I look further in the help and find the linked Examples page 
(also 2003), I do see a semicolon.

I edited the "Syntax of Rules" page -- attached.

Thanks.  Problem solved.

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