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Re: [StrongED] syntax of a Modewhen file

In message <fec92bd856.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'd like to get the Obey mode to recognize a Convtext scriptfile, and 
> presume I need to change Userprefs.Modes.Obey.Modewhen accordingly.
> Convtext files are plain text (&fff) but they always begin with these 
> seven characters:   SCRIPT:nameofscript
> How would I add a line to make it respond to a Convtext file?  I read 
> StrongEd's help (partic the "Rules Include" section) but am confused.

What is it that confuses you?
Feedback could help to improve the instructions.

> Alternatively, I could set up a new mode for Convtext, but I would 
> still need to know the syntax for its Modewhen.
> I gather that StrongEd has a way of "sniffing" the beginning of a file 
> when filetype by itself isn't enough, but I can't get it to work.

Creating a new mode for ConvText is probably the better choice (see

To load a file into ConvText mode based on its contents requires a '>'
rule. This tells StrongED the check the file's contents after it has
been loaded.

A '>' rule consists of 3 parts: filetype, path ; match pattern
ConvText are text files and may be located anywhere so filetype is:
'fff' and path is: '**' (meaning: accept all paths).

The match pattern is the name of a search expression defined in the
Match section of the ModeWhen file. The expression is set to simple
match "SCRIPT" at the start of a file and is case-sensitive.

   Rules Include
     > fff, ** ; _convtext

     _convtext   "SCRIPT"

> The thing in common with Obey files is the use of "|" to mark a 
> comment, which alone would make the Obey mode useful for Convtext.

This is only partially the case. Obey mode recognises "|" as a comment
marker only when it's the first character on a line. ConvText allows "|"
anywhere on a line.

A separate mode for ConvText would get around this problem. It would
also allow syntax colouring for the built-in commands and the ":".

> In my putative Convtext mode, it'd be nice to make Convtext's special 
> use of ":" stand out more clearly, perhaps displaying wider as " : " 
> with a green background.

Using different colours is not a problem but displaying as " : " is not
possible (that would require changes to StrongED itself).

> (Convtext uses colon to mean change the preceding text to the
> following text.  It applies only to the first colon on a line; any
> subsequent colon on that line is literal.)

Note that StrongED won't be able to make that distinction, a colon is a
colon no matter where it occurs.


StrongED Developer

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