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[StrongED] Re: modefile adding to menu; comment markers

In article <2cbcefcf56.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>, Fred Graute
<fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message <56ce6f8110tim@xxxxxxxxx> Tim Hill <tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > 
> > What I would really like is a hybrid StrongHTML/PHP mode (StrongPHP?)
> > which correctly colours both correctly when they appear together in
> > one file.

> StrongED 4.70 supports 32 syntax colouring groups so it might be
> possible to use some for colouring HTML and some for colouring PHP.

...and it has just occurred to me that CSS is embedded in HTML too. And
JavaScript. And SVG. I'll stop now. 

> > A tip, by the way, is to use PHP mode to edit CSS files. The /*...*/
> > comments at least get highlighted.
> > 
> > It's odd in a way that there is no CSS modefile.

> Er, as I pointed out recently on this very list there are 2 CSS modes.
> One by Andrew Hodgkinson ( https://pond.org.uk/stronged/ ) and another
> by Chris Terran.

Thanks Fred. I must have missed that message but found it now. I would
give them both versions a try but I too cannot find a download of Chris
Terran's version so have dropped him an email.



Tim Hill

timil.com : tjrh.eu : butterwick.eu : blue-bike.uk : youngtheatre.co.uk

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