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[StrongED] Re: modefile adding to menu; comment markers

In article <de7e6bce56.gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A substantial part of StrongHTML was contributed by Joe Taylor in
> 06/06/2002. The good news is that he documented his contribution in the
> Modefile. The bad news is that the ten applications in its Tools
> directory were written in AppBasic and were crunched, I think with
> StrongBS, which may make them them unusable, or at least unupdatable, on
> newer platforms.

Yes - the credits do mention Joe as the latest contributor. But I have not
noticed any problems with the bits I have used. Most still work fine.

Looking a bit more closely I notice that most of the tools simply insert a
bit of html - the 'tag' file in the Tool's Resources directory. Thus the
Mew Document icon calls !HTMLdoc which inserts its Resources.tag file as a

So some changes are possible.

And yes the Run files do say StrongBS v2.10. I am not familiar with

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