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[StrongED] Re: modefile adding to menu; comment markers

In article <56ce61a8b3Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Richard Torrens (lists)
<Lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> StrongHTML is particularly complicated - it calls several helper
> programs. I suspect that to fully understand what happens I will need a
> lot of assistance - the Tools directory is quite crowded!

I like both the HTML modes and PHP and use them all a lot. My only niggle
is upper-case tags but tag case doesn't matter with HTML5 so I should
just get used to using both.

What I would really like is a hybrid StrongHTML/PHP mode (StrongPHP?)
which correctly colours both correctly when they appear together in one

A tip, by the way, is to use PHP mode to edit CSS files. The /*...*/
comments at least get highlighted.

It's odd in a way that there is no CSS modefile.


Tim Hill

timil.com : tjrh.eu : butterwick.eu : blue-bike.uk : youngtheatre.co.uk

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